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With the full release of Windows 11, many users may be looking to upgrade their computers to Microsoft’s newest operating system. And, if they don’t have access to a free upgrade, they might end up looking for alternatives—something that could land them on a dangerous website or risk putting their systems in danger. 

To avoid the risks involved when shopping deals on not only Windows 11, but other Microsoft OS and software, Keysfan offers safe, secure, and reliable options with guaranteed legitimate licenses. 

Keysfan almost exclusively sells second-hand licenses for software that it has obtained from groups or companies who no longer need them, giving them the opportunity to get them to its customers at a highly reduced price. And, because Keysfan knows where each of its licenses come from before selling them, users can buy from the platform knowing that the product wasn’t pirated and won’t cause problems for their systems. 

Right now, users can take advantage of the Keysfan Special Deal, which adds additional discounts to the platform’s already affordable offerings. This means you can get Windows 11 for only $14.61, Windows 10 for as low as $5.77 per PC, and Microsoft Office 2021 for just $31.01. 

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Product Keys for your purchased software will be emailed to you directly along with instructions for how to install and activate the product shortly after the transaction is complete. The platform also offers fast, reliable, and extensive 24-hour customer support with a 100 percent money-back guarantee—ensuring that users will never suffer from viruses, malware, and can get help with any other issues. You can learn more about Keysfan and its deals on the store’s official website. 


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